An impassioned traveler, Julissa Guzman has visited a number of countries around the world, including Colombia, Argentina, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and China. She enjoys learning first-hand about the culture in the locations that she visits and believes that these experiences play an important role in her own process of self-discovery. She also has a zeal for exploring new cuisines and capitalizes on opportunities to try new foods while she travels. Recreationally, Julissa Guzman dedicates a great deal of time to film as well and points to the Italian film Life Is Beautiful as her favorite movie to date. Also an avid reader, she usually focuses on self-help books, although she is a fan of Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho.

Professionally, Julissa Guzman is a talented makeup artist who uses her skills to boost the confidence of her clients. She views makeup as a tool for self-empowerment and teaches clients how to execute her techniques at home. A native of the Dominican Republic, Ms. Guzman was raised in New York.